2018 NBA Power Rankings: Week Seven


As one of the hottest teams in the NBA over the past month, it's no surprise that the Oklahoma City Thunder have finally found their way to the top of our rankings. The Thunder have the number one defense in basketball, despite arguably their best wing defender, Andre Roberson, not having played any games so far this season (with at least six more weeks until he finally returns.) A somewhat surprising addition to the top of the list is the New Orleans Pelicans, with a less than inspiring 4-6 record over the past 10 games, despite having a top 3 player in Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls are once again in the NBA's cellar, thanks to their current seven games losing streak.

Here are the current NBA Power Rankings, as determined by Ric Flair's legendary quote, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man":

1. Oklahoma City Thunder +13


2. New Orleans Pelicans +8


3. Denver Nuggets +6


4. Los Angeles Lakers +13


5. Memphis Grizzlies +3


6. Golden State Warriors


7. Toronto Raptors -4


8. Philadelphia 76ers -8


9. Utah Jazz +15


10. Orlando Magic +16


11. Boston Celtics +9


12. San Antonio Spurs +10


13. Milwaukee Bucks +16


14. Washington Wizards +11


15. Minnesota Timberwolves -4


16. Los Angeles Clippers -14


17. Sacramento Kings +11


18. Dallas Mavericks -13


19. Atlanta Hawks -6


20. Houston Rockets -5


21. Miami Heat -3


22. Portland Trail Blazers -15


23. Cleveland Cavaliers


24. Charlotte Hornets -12


25. New York Knicks -6


26. Phoenix Suns -5


27. Brooklyn Nets


28. Indiana Pacers -24


29. Detroit Pistons -28


30. Chicago Bulls


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