2018 NBA Power Rankings: Week Six


The Detroit Pistons have found themselves back on top of the rankings, becoming the first team to reach the top spot more than once. This is especially impressive considering they are only the fifth best team in the East in terms of standings. The Mavericks are another team that finds itself toward the top of the rankings despite an average record, thanks to their consistent winning over the past 10 games (8-2 during that time.) The Bucks continue their up-and-down season, at least in terms of these rankings. Last week's top team finds itself in the cellar, just ahead of the tanking Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers have established themselves as the biggest surprise of the early NBA season, claiming the #2 spot in the rankings, as well as the top spot in the Western Conference standings.

Here are the current NBA Power Rankings, as determined by Ric Flair's legendary quote, To be the man, you gotta beat the man":

1. Detroit Pistons +10


2. Los Angeles Clippers +6


3. Toronto Raptors +7


4. Indiana Pacers +9


5. Dallas Mavericks


6. Golden State Warriors +20


7. Portland Trail Blazers +14


8. Memphis Grizzlies -6


9. Denver Nuggets +8


10. New Orleans Pelicans +6


11. Minnesota Timberwolves +12


12. Charlotte Hornets -3


13. Atlanta Hawks +16


14. Oklahoma City Thunder -2


15. Houston Rockets -11


16. Philadelphia 76ers -1


17. Los Angeles Lakers -10


18. Miami Heat +12


19. New York Knicks +1


20. Boston Celtics +5


21. Phoenix Suns +1


22. San Antonio Spurs +2


23. Cleveland Cavaliers -4


24. Utah Jazz +4


25. Washington Wizards -22


26. Orlando Magic -12


27. Brooklyn Nets


28. Sacramento Kings -22


29. Milwaukee Bucks -28


30. Chicago Bulls -12


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