2019 NBA Power Rankings: Week 24


Here at the ICT Zone our rankings are molded after Ric Flair's famous quote, "to be the man, you gotta beat the man." The week's ranking are based solely on the week's results so if a lower ranked team defeats a higher ranked team, the two teams automatically swap rankings.

In a completely expected turn of events, the Walter Lemon Jr. and Robin Lopez-led Chicago Bulls are in this week's pole position after defeating the equally uninspiring Washington Wizards. Their spot in this week's rankings is just behind the upcoming draft lottery for the most important moments of the Bulls' season. Sitting out their top five players (partially because of injuries) is setting them up to be in a position to acquire this year's top pick in the draft, and with that drafting surefire franchise-saving Zion Williamson.

Collin Sexton has been stuffing the stat sheet lately following his horrible start to the season. The Cavaliers don't have much to celebrate these days, but Sexton's play has been a lone bright spot in an otherwise long season. Cleveland has a long way to go to get back into the playoffs, but luck with the lottery balls (which has been a common theme for this team) could accelerate their rebuild significantly.

Here are the current NBA Power Rankings, as determined by Ric Flair's legendary quote, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man":

1. Chicago Bulls +25


2. Denver Nuggets +7


3. Indiana Pacers +25 


4. Houston Rockets +6


5. Oklahoma City Thunder -4


6. Milwaukee Bucks -4


7. Toronto Raptors +13 


8. Charlotte Hornets -3 


9. Los Angeles Clippers -5  


10. Minnesota Timberwolves +8 


11. Portland Trail Blazers -4 


12. Atlanta Hawks -9 


13. Boston Celtics -7 


14. Dallas Mavericks +13 


15. Miami Heat -2 


16. Sacramento Kings -8 


17. Brooklyn Nets -5 


18. Golden State Warriors -4 


19. Utah Jazz 


20. Orlando Magic -9 


21. New Orleans Pelicans +1 


22. Philadelphia 76ers -7 


23. Phoenix Suns +7 


24. San Antonio Spurs -8 


25. Memphis Grizzlies 


26. Washington Wizards -2 


27. Los Angeles Lakers -6 


28. New York Knicks -11 


29. Detroit Pistons


30. Cleveland Cavaliers -7 


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