Far-Fetched Friday: Justin Fields Wins 2023 NFL MVP


The chosen one is here. Justin Fields has finally figured it out. The helpless looks have been replaced by a fearless demeanor, the eagerness defensive players had with him have been replaced by crippling hesitation, the excitement defensive coordinators felt when they saw the Bears on the schedule have been replaced by sleepless nights and nightmares of Justin Fields stepping out of the pocket. I am here to tell you Justin Fields has arrived and will become next season's NFL MVP.

Welcome back to Far-Fetched Friday, where every Friday we give you a bold prediction that we believe will come to fruition. This Friday, we look at a QB having his breakout season.

The key to this prediction is the Chicago Bears' decision to use Justin Fields as the hybrid all-world Quarterback that he is and not as some pocket passes trying to mimic the model of decades past. Can you believe the Bears gave a 6'3" 228-pound quarterback, who ran a 4.46 at the NFL Combine, only an average of 6 rushing attempts a game last season? Most of which were unplanned runs resulting from him scrambling for his life after the playbook called for him to be a pocket passer despite his limited receiving weapons and awful offensive line. It may go down as one of the more baffling offensive-scheming decisions in NFL history.

Thankfully, the Bears figured it out after the first two weeks of this season. With a new offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy, Fields is averaging 11 carries per game, resulting in historic numbers. With three games still to go this season, Fields recently became just the fourth quarterback in NFL history to run for 1,000 yards in a season. He only needs 207 more yards to break the record, which would be the cherry on top of the Fields' emergence cake.

But those record-setting numbers have not led to team success. The Bears are still only 3 and 11. It'll take a complete reversal of that record while maintaining his same offensive output to win an MVP, so it takes having a lot of faith in the Bears organization to get this done. I think they can.

It's a blessing in the modern NFL to have a high draft pick without needing to draft a QB. It frees you to select the best available player. As of now, the Bears would be drafting second in the 2023 draft, opening the door for a defensive prospect like Will Anderson Jr. to help improve your defense which ranks third worst in the NFL in points allowed. Or you could even trade down and get your hands on an elite Tackle like Peter Skoronski and more picks.

Point is the Bears need help, and they have the draft positioning to get that right away. Combine that with their salary cap room since Fields is still on a rookie contract, and suddenly you can see avenues for how this team could greatly improve in the offseason. I am counting on that improvement, plus the play of Justin Fields, to equal an NFL MVP next season.

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