Far Fetched Friday: The Kansas City Chiefs are Doomed


Far Fetched Friday Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs finish bottom of the AFC West in the 2018-19 NFL season

It is bold to claim one of the best teams in the NFL this past season will not only miss the playoffs but also finish bottom of their division, unfortunately that is where the Kansas City Chiefs are headed.

So far, this offseason the Chiefs have gotten rid of Alex Smith and Marcus Peters, two of their best and most influential players. Quarterback in the NFL is the not only the most important position to fill but also the hardest, and the Chiefs have completely disregarded common sense regarding quarterback play.

Not only did the Chiefs get rid of a pro bowl quarterback who threw for 4,000 yards and a 5-1 touchdown to interception ratio, his replacement will be a second year quarterback who has only thrown 35 passes in the NFL with 0 touchdowns and 1 interception.

I get what the Chiefs were thinking, the Packers did it when they got rid of a Brett Favre that had just led them to the NFC Championship game and a 13-3 regular season record for an Aaron Rodgers who had only thrown 59 NFL passes with 1 touchdown and 1 interception in his three seasons backing up Favre. However, the immediate result of that change was the Packers going from a 13-3 team to a 6-10 team, a 7-win swing. To make things worse, that was an Aaron Rodgers with three years of experience learning from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Brett Favre, not a quarterback with one year of experience.

To add to all this the Chiefs got rid of Marcus Peters, a two-time all-pro playmaking cornerback in his first three years, a player who has by far the most interceptions (21) in the league since he was drafted in 2015, 7 more interceptions than the guy in second place (playoffs included).

 The Peters trade seems more like an attempted culture change to get rid of a player who had gotten increasingly more controversial every season with the Chiefs. However, Peters might be the Chiefs' best defensive player and losing him will cost the Chiefs some wins.

Oh and what about the other teams in the division? The Raiders have just hired a former super bowl winning head coach, the Chargers still have the best quarter back in the division and arguably the second-best defense and the Denver Broncos return with the third ranked defense in the NFL and are a quarterback away from returning to the summit of super bowl discussions.

Now, I'm not saying the Chiefs are doomed forever, I mean after all the Packers did eventually win a super bowl with Aaron Rodgers. What I am saying is that next season will be a struggle for the Chiefs, they will finish bottom of the division but that's no reason to give up hope for the future.

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