Far-Fetched Friday: Kyler Murray to Be Traded for Aaron Rodgers


Out of seemingly nowhere, Kyler Murray deleted all Arizona Cardinals content from his social media and unfollowed the team. Depending on what generation you're in, you may or may not feel that's a big deal. I think it shows that, at the very least, he's annoyed with the Arizona Cardinals front office. And with the fact that multiple elite quarterbacks are simultaneously looking to be traded for the first time in NFL history, Kyler Murray will be swapped for Aaron Rodgers.

Welcome back to Far-Fetched Friday, where every Friday we give you a bold prediction that we believe will come to fruition. This Friday we look at some Instagram beef.

I've got a good friend that's an Arizona Cardinals fan, and he seems fed up with the situation. So much so that he floated the Aaron Rodgers idea. For the second straight season, Kyler Murray has gotten worse towards the end of the year. After starting 9 and 2, the Cardinals ended with two wins in their last five games. Last year, they started 6 and 3 and ended up winning just 2 of their last 7. So, there is understandably some frustration from the fans.

Kyler Murray may also have his reasons too. His playing style puts him at risk, and rumors are he'd like an extension now, but the franchise is hesitant. Right or wrong is not up for debate here; the only thing that matters is that both sides do not see eye to eye.

Now I doubt this will happen since the Cardinals are in the NFC, and the Packers have basically said if they do trade Rodgers, it will not be to a team in the same conference. However, the Cardinals may offer the best assets in return if one of those assets is Kyler Murray, one of the best young quarterbacks in NFL history who continues to improve season after season. The Broncos, Steelers, and Titans have been mentioned, but none of those franchises offer a 24-year-old quarterback multi-time pro-bowler in return for Rodgers.

That option in return may be most enticing to the Packers, a franchise that hasn't had a non-elite quarterback since 1991. Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers to Kyler Murray might be a lot more enticing than handing off the keys to Jordan Love.

And for the Cardinals, many believe they have the assets needed to make a Super Bowl run. All they need is a veteran quarterback, and that Super Bowl window may close by the time Kyler Murray gets there.

Only time will tell but Kyler Murray to be traded for Aaron Rodgers is my Far-Fetched Prediction.


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