Far-Fetched Friday: Liverpool Win Quadruple


I am not a Liverpool fan, but, above all, I am a fan of the beautiful game, which is why I want to see this Liverpool team win a historic quadruple.

Welcome back to Far-Fetched Friday, where every Friday we give you a bold prediction that we believe will come to fruition. This Friday, we look at GOAT James.

Something is pleasing about seeing a well-constructed team set records. It is rare to see a club reach a certain level of dominance which makes me automatically root for Liverpool to get it done and take their place in history along with:

  • Arsenal Invincibles team of 2003-04
  • Barcelona sextuple of 2009
  • Manchester City 100 league points of 2017-18
  • Bayern Munich sextuple of 2020
  • Spain three straight international trophies 2008-2012

I am ready to add another team to that list, and I believe this Liverpool team will take that spot. Here's a breakdown of the four trophies and why I think they'll win them.

League Cup: They've already won it.

FA Cup: In the final against Chelsea. Liverpool looks to be getting better as the season progresses (3 total losses in 54 games), while Chelsea gets worse (4 losses in the last seven games).

UCL: In the semi-final against Villareal, who is a massive underdog. As much as I love the Villareal story, Liverpool has a better team and coach. More importantly, with an easier path than Manchester City, Liverpool can take more care in the league.

Premier League: 1 point behind Manchester City with five games to go. Admittedly, Manchester City has the more manageable remaining games, with their opponents having an average position of 11th compared to Liverpool's opponents at 9th. However, Manchester City has a much harder Champions League semi-final to contend with in Real Madrid, opening the door for the club that has never won a European Trophy to pay more attention there and slip up in the league. And I know Liverpool still has a FA Cup final in the background, but the club's attacking depth is arguably the best in Europe. Sadio Mane, Mo Salah, Diogo Jota, Luis Diaz, and Roberto Firmino are all capable of game-winning world-class moments. Not to mention Mr. Clutch in Divock Origi.

This Liverpool team has something about it that makes it feel like they'll never lose a game. That kind of dominance is impressive and is a credit to the incredible turnaround the club has seen just seven years after losing 6-1 to Stoke City, a club now thankfully in the second division, in Steven Gerard's last game.

With the combination of depth and high-level coaching, I believe Liverpool will become the first English club to win the quadruple.

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