Far-Fetched Friday: The Los Angeles Lakers Win 2023 Championship


I've seen enough. As of February 3rd, the Lakers stand in 12th place, but I see hope on the horizon. LeBron James is about to break the all-time scoring record, Anthony Davis is back and looking healthy again, Rui Hachumurai has been a great addition, and Kyrie Irving may be on the way. The Los Angeles Lakers are going to be your 2023 NBA Champions.

Welcome back to Far-Fetched Friday, where every Friday we give you a bold prediction that we believe will come to fruition. This Friday, we look at the Lakers.

The elephant in the room is Russell Westbrook and the trade assets the Lakers have in chasing Kyrie Irving. In fairness to Westbrook, he's been great this season as he's accepted a 6th man role, but he remains chief on the list of assets if the Lakers want to make a big splash. Which they should.

LeBron is 38, but somehow averaging more points a game than 28 years old. The Lakers cannot miss the opportunity to take advantage of his extended prime. It won't last forever, but while it does, the franchise must be aggressive in talent acquisition. And I think the Lakers will do just that by trading for Kyrie Irving.

And even if they don't, Anthony Davis is the key to this Lakers' title charge. They are 12 and 6 in the last 18 games he's played, and with only three games out of the 5th seed, if Davis is healthy, this Lakers team will make a run before the playoffs. At that point with LeBron James, anything can happen.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be your 2023 NBA Champions.

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