ICT ZONE Ric Flair Ranking System


Here at the zone we do things our own way, offering our unique twist on the sports world. Our cornerstone is the ICT Zone Ric Flair Ranking System, which we sprinkle on the NBA, NFL, college basketball and college football seasons. 

As perfectly stated by Ric Flair, in our ranking system, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." Which means we judge on a game to game basis, who ever wins the matchup wins the higher ranking. So for example, going into a matchup lets say team A is ranked 3rd in the nation and team B is unranked, in the matchup if team B upsets team A, team B then becomes the 3rd ranked team in the nation and team A is now unranked.

The system was initially inspired by the flawed ranking system of the AP college basketball and football polls. The AP Top 25 is flawed due to voting biases and a bevy of other factors that make the system inaccurate. With the Ric Flair system we take bias and opinion out of the equation, if you beat the man then you are the man . . . well at least until the next game.