NBA Draft 2020: Plans for the 14 Lottery Teams


The NBA Draft is finally here, and it will go down as one of the most strange in NBA history one way or the other. The 14 lottery teams have a lot of work to do, beginning with tonight's draft, and with that, there are infinite possibilities.

So, Ryan, Jake, Victor, and Khaqan got together to talk about the draft and the future of each lottery team. Here are small exerts from the conversation from each person on what each lottery team should or could look to do.

1. Minnesota Timberwolves

Ryan: "Realistically, they'll do one of two things. Either they draft Anthony Edwards or they trade back to like the 5th pick, grab Toppin, and get a future first or a young asset"

Jake: "I'd do exactly what Ryan said and shop it, if I don't like the offers I'm taking best available. But I think they'll get a good offer."

"I saw someone tweet that the wolves really just traded Wiggins to draft another one (Edwards)"

Victor: "I'm thinking Minnesota needs to trade the first pick. Worst thing they can do is draft someone first that's not deserving to go first like Cleveland did with Anthony Bennett"

Khaqan: "I just have a hard time finding a good trade for this years draft"

"They need defense, Dlo and KAT can score, what about drafting a center like wiseman, let KAT play PF"

2. Golden State Warriors

Ryan: "Golden state better trade that s***. Wiseman wouldn't get enough minutes to be worth it. Especially since they wanna win NOW"

Jake: "I think Wiseman or Toppin makes sense"

Victor: "I say trade the pick and Draymond Green to Philly for Embiid. I could see Toppin, comes in more mature at 22. Could potentially help now. But 2 feels too high"

Khaqan: "Steve Kerr has said he's jealous of teams with switchable wings and thinks that's where the game is headed, so either they trade for a wing or draft Anthony Edwards and have mature along three hall of famers with excellent work ethics where he wouldn't get away with a low motor, he could probably become a key contributor and he would also extend this warriors dynasty, like he could become a star when this core starts to really flame out"

3. Charlotte Hornets

Ryan: "Charlotte just needs talent. Draft the best player available"

Jake: "Yea there's not a lot Charlotte can do, I think this is where lamelo goes, they need some type of excitement"

Victor: "I think you do whatever it takes to get LaMelo. But will Jordan want that because of his dad's comments in the past?"

Khaqan: "Yea there's not a lot Charlotte can do, I think this is where lamelo goes, they need some type of excitement"

"Does Jordan usually take things personally???"

"4d chess move MJ drafts LaMelo only to send him to the G league"

4. Chicago Bulls

Ryan: "Any chance they go for the top pick? Trade their pick and maybe Makkanen? And get Ball"

Jake: "I think this is where Toppin goes"

Victor: "I say Obi Toppin"

Khaqan: "I would honestly trade lavine. They have a lot of moves they can make with their roster, I think woth a few flips they could easily make the playoffs next year as a 7-8th seed. This current team with a better coach and Beal instead lavine would be a 8th seed"

*This led to some heated arguments about whether Bradley Beal is actually better than Zach LaVine

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Ryan: "Cavs are gonna be stuck for a while"

Jake: "No way they take a PG in the top 10 three years in a row right? They are just gonna take best available in their eyes and that's gonna be Deni or Toppin"

Victor: "You draft Deni and start this rebuild forreal"

Khaqan: "If I were the Cavs I would Give up. Cavs need to figure out what they want out of sexton, and a way to get out of Drummond, they should sign and trade Tristan Thompson"

6. Atlanta Hawks

Ryan: "Capela will help them a lot. They'll still need another move to realistically be in the playoffs"

Jake: "This is the team that should go for Beal imo. Wizards could get a lot"

Victor: "I say if you're Atlanta, hold firm on Reddish potential. Collins is already great, and just draft the best fit at #6, which could be someone like Killian Hayes, Onyeka, or LaMelo 👀👀"

Khaqan: "Trade for a time machine. Draft Luka. I see the hawks trading this pick for a established player"

7. Detroit Pistons

Ryan: "Pistons still need to get a future star"

Jake: "Pistons should absolutely not try to win now. They should draft either Hayes or Haliburton because they need a guard to build around."

Victor: "I say draft highest ceiling now, trade away players that win you enough games to be a 7th pick and tank for next couple seasons"

Khaqan: "I like Haliburton for them"

8. New York Knicks

Ryan: "Sell. The. Team."

Jake: "Just keep the Giannis dream alive imo. That's all Knicks fans have to hope for"

Victor: "Trade whatever you can to get LaMelo. You missed out on Zion last year, no reason to miss out on another blockbuster talent"

Khaqan: "Try to get competent players to pair up with their young players"

9. Washington Wizards

Ryan: "I do see them as a playoff team. If they stay healthy. Which is a big if; tbf"

Jake: "Wall Beal Bertans Rui Bryant and Wagner and Brown is already a good team honestly"

Victor: "I say draft best player, give the Wall-Beal thing HALF a season then pull the plug by either trading one or both of them"

Khaqan: "I think it's worth seeing how it looks for a half a season, Beal will still have trade value. Why not"

10. Phoenix Suns

Ryan: "Getting quality depth would be good"

Jake: "This is gonna be the draft with a Giannis around this area in the draft too imo"

Victor: "I say keep things as is and either draft a four year guy or an European player."

Khaqan: "I would draft someone who's versatile and ready to play so basically another Cam Johnson Unless they can package the pick for a good 4 to pair up next to Ayton"

11. San Antonio Spurs

Ryan: "How do you say "they're f*****" in Spanish. Derozan makes teams worse Aldridge is declining pretty hard"

Jake: "They prob take this Theo Maledon dude from France and he's the modern day 6-5 Tony Parker. Let Popovich walk and promote Becky Hammon"

Victor: "Yeah I use my draft pick for sure, they need youth desperately"

Khaqan: "Take a year off to develop young talent, I really like Lonnie walker"

12. Sacramento Kings

Ryan: "Kings are possibly the worst team in the West. Build around Fox and Bagley. Everyone else should be on the chopping block. What they have going rn isn't gonna work. FIRE SALE"

Jake: "They could package the pick and Hield and move up tbh"

Victor: "I like the young core, I keep it and trade the pick"

Khaqan: "Bagley plays well but is injury prone. They could trade bogi and Hield for good return. They're not signing any free agent unless they overpay"

13. New Orleans Pelicans

Ryan: "A full season of Zion is all they need rn"

Jake: "I say they use the pick"

Victor: "Yeah I use the pick too maybe get a center that can space the floor"

Khaqan: "Honestly yea just let this young team run"

14. Memphis Grizzlies/Boston Celtics

Ryan: "Focus on JJJ getting healthy. Stay the course. They are ahead of schedule. Don't rush it"

Jake: "I think they got cap space so I'd throw money at levert and make nets match"

Victor: "Yeah I say build around JA and JJJ, their styles already fit perfectly"

Khaqan: "Celtics trade for someone like Myles Turner Or Sabonis"

1. Team most likely to draft a steal

Ryan: Spurs

Jake: Spurs/Portland

Victor: Spurs

Khaqan: Bulls

2. Team most likely to mess up

Ryan: Knicks

Jake: Chicago

Victor: Minnesota

Khaqan: Cleveland

3. Team most likely to surprise

Ryan: Spurs

Jake: Warriors

Victor: Warriors

Khaqan: Warriors

4. Team that can't afford to make a mistake

Ryan: Minnesota

Jake: Minnesota

Victor: Minnesota

Khaqan: Minnesota

5. Favorite Player in the draft

Ryan: Deni

Jake: Obi Toppin/Haliburton

Victor: LaMelo

Khaqan: LaMelo

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