2019 ICT Zone Super Bowl Prediction


Last year around this time, we gave you our way too early super bowl prediction and we were right . . . well sort of. We correctly predicted that the Los Angeles Rams would get to the super bowl and fall short, however, we predicted the Jaguars would win the super bowl and mhmm let's just say that didn't happen. Given that we were relatively close last year, we are giving you another Superbowl prediction for this season.

The Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs meet in Super Bowl 54.

Last time we made a prediction about the Kansas City Chiefs we could not have been more wrong after predicting they would struggle with new quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. This time around we hope we're right, the Chiefs return one of the best offenses in NFL history and have now had a full offseason to adjust to the loss of Kareem Hunt. Mahomes won't throw 50 touchdowns again but the hope is he won't have to if the defense improves as expected. Which brings us to Tyrann Mathieu.

The honey badger is one of the premier safeties in the NFL but the Chiefs still need more help. That's where Spagnuolo comes in, as a defensive coordinator with a championship under his belt. Spagnuolo is the man behind the Super Bowl winning giants team that stopped the 18 and 0 Patriots. In fact, the last time Spagnuolo spent a full season as a defensive coordinator in 2016 the Giants finished with the league's second best defense. Imagine if the Chiefs had a respectable defense last season instead of a defense that finished 24 out of 30 teams.

Spagnuolo's addition will give the Chiefs the defensive discipline needed to make a trip to the Super Bowl.

Last year the Rams tapered down towards the end of the season due to some unfortunate injuries. A few of those injuries were to star running back Todd Gurley and breakout number 2 receiver, Cooper Kupp. Before the injury the Rams were 8-0 and looking like clear Super Bowl favorites, after the injury the Rams struggled to finish the season 5 and 3 over the last eight games. If Kupp and Gurley remain healthy, the Rams have a clear path in a conference with plenty of question marks.

Speaking of question marks the Rams have a massive one on the defensive side of the ball. Last season despite boasting one of the most talented defensive lineups in recent NFL history, the Rams defense finished 20th in the NFL. Things improved in the playoffs and the Rams will need to continue that form this season to have a chance of getting to the Superbowl. They still do have Aaron Donald and with that comes one of the best defensive players in NFL history.

The showdown between the two teams will be an anticipated rematch of the 2018 game that was immediately one of the greatest games of all time. This matchup will not be the same with the improvements both teams are expected to make defensively which means once again the Super Bowl will be decided by the better defensive team. Spagnuolo boasts Super Bowl winning experience but nothing beats playing in the game a year prior. The Rams get the edge in this matchup.

Rams 20 - 18 Chiefs

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