Far-Fetched Friday: Chelsea offer Lukaku to Tottenham for Harry Kane


Romelu Lukaku, just a little over four months into his massive transfer move back to Chelsea, has found himself involved in some serious drama. Lukaku sat down with Sky Italy and gave them an interview saying how much he feels disrespected at Chelsea and that Tuchel has picked a system that does not favor him, explaining why he has not taken off in the league. He also apologized to Inter Milan and their fans because he feels he did not leave in the correct fashion and that one day he will return to retire there.

Welcome back to Far-Fetched Friday, where every Friday we give you a bold prediction that we believe will come to fruition. This time, we look at the ballad of Romelu Lukaku.

Since this interview came out, Lukaku was dropped by Tuchel ahead of Chelsea's massive match against Liverpool last weekend. Tuchel has gone over the drama with Lukaku and other senior members of the club and the situation, as of now, seems to be resolved between all parties. Although, I highly doubt the situation is still a great one. Whether Lukaku returns to the team and settles this "beef" is very unclear.

So if it doesn't, what could be next for Lukaku and Chelsea? Will Chelsea put up with a drama queen that isn't performing? Will Lukaku force a move? If he does, Inter Milan certainly doesn't seem like a realistic option. Inter Milan was in big financial trouble this summer and needed to raise funds. This economic reality is why they lost Antonio Conte and also chose to sell Achraf Hakimi to PSG. Inter Milan sold Lukaku for over 100 million and turned around to replace him with Edin Dzeko, a free transfer from Roma. So far, the production that Lukaku gave them last season has been replicated in real, Moneyball fashion, allowing the club to profit massively from Lukaku's sale and still sit on top of the table.

Chelsea cannot expect many clubs to be interested in Lukaku, he already did not have much interest this summer, and now this dramatic interview has to take a hit on his transfer value. Although if there is one man that has always been interested in Lukaku, look no further than Tottenham's Antonio Conte. Lukaku was wanted at Chelsea by Antonio Conte only for Lukaku to choose Manchester United. Although the two eventually united at Inter Milan to win the league. Antonio Conte has just arrived at Tottenham and has turned the side back to winning ways immediately, but knowing Conte, he will push the board to buy him the players he feels he needs to win trophies. There doesn't seem to be a better player for Daniel Levy to reward Conte with than his last superstar, and knowing Levy, he'll love the discount.

The Harry Kane drama of the summer has seemed to pass as his move to Manchester City never gained enough traction. Harry Kane still has to be eager to move on and try to win a big trophy before his career ends. Antonio Conte may well bring him one, it's the best manager he has had, and Conte is a proven winner. Maybe Kane is already in a good spot to win one, but it certainly is risky. Chelsea is the current European Champion, and as long as Tuchel is at the club, they are a threat to compete for everything. 

A move to Chelsea for Harry Kane, at least in my eyes, seems perfect for him. His pursuit of Alan Shearer's Premier League record would still be achievable as he isn't joining a new league. He would play under Tuchel, who already has a Champions League at Chelsea, and he fits Tuchel's system perfectly. Tuchel loves a striker that can link up play by playing ahead of two 10s. Harry Kane had 23 goals and 14 assists last season, meaning that he, of course, is a world-class goalscorer but also a very creative forward too. Something that Chelsea needs desperately. And why join Manchester City? Pep clearly does not want or need a striker, and winning there is just a little too easy right now in the Premier League.

This move seems like a win for every single party involved. Lukaku gets a manager that appreciates him in the way he wants, Conte gets a player he always recommends be signed, Daniel Levy gets Conte a big signing on a bargain, Tuchel gets a player who suits his system better, and Kane can continue to hunt Shearer's legacy for a club that may have a better chance of winning him a trophy. There is obviously still some serious baggage here. Do Tottenham want their greatest ever player going to play for Chelsea? Probably not.

But if Kane starts the drama back up, Conte pushes for Lukaku, and Chelsea throws in a little bit of extra cash, why not?

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