Stop Complaining About the Overtime Rules


If I see or hear one more person complain about the NFL's overtime rules, I might lose it, so here I am to get my take off my mind so I'll stop bothering my close friends and family with it.

It is absolutely absurd to me that NFL defenses have gotten so disrespected that we've gone as far as to say an overtime scenario where all they have to do is get a stop for a chance at winning the game is the equivalent of a guaranteed win for the offense.

If you don't want the other team to win, then stop them from scoring a touchdown . . . It sounds simple because it is simple. That is half of the game, is it not?? You remember, right? I mean, you just spent 60 minutes doing that exact same thing. It's what defensive players and coordinators get paid for, so do your job and make a stop.

When did defenses stop mattering in football? This idea that your offense must now get a chance to answer the touchdown your defense could not prevent in overtime is wild, considering that goes against everything the game is about. If football really is the ultimate team game as claimed, then you gotta charge a coin toss loss in overtime to the game and make a stop. It's really that simple.

Otherwise, where does this stop? Must we now count how many offensive possessions each team gets in a game and even it out at the end? You got ten possessions to our nine, so we get one more because you didn't give us a chance. Or better yet, let's track time-of-possession, and if it is not even 30 minutes to 30 at the end of the game, then the team with the deficiency gets a new game clock until things even out.

Until we do that, then stop complaining about the overtime rules and invest in a defensive unit that can make a stop when it matters most.

I mean, just ask Matt Hasselbeck how difficult it can be to take the ball and score in OT of a playoff game.

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