A PSG Champions League Win Would Change the Sport Forever


Every once in a while comes a sporting moment, or rather an opportunity, that could change the state of the sport forever. For example, Muhammad Ali's Rumble in the Jungle, LeBron's 'The Decision,' Usain Bolt's 100-meter record/Olympic dominance, all changed the state of their sports forever.

With this season's Champions League final comes a golden opportunity for PSG to change the state of European soccer forever.

The PSG project started back in the summer of 2011, an attempt to transform an average European club into the best in the world.

Before that takeover nine years ago, PSG had two league trophies to their name, they now have 9.

Before that takeover, the club had 18 total trophies in their 41-year history, in the nine years since they have won an additional 25 trophies.

Not to mention the club's value has soared by a record 992% since the 2011 takeover and is now worth 1.09 billion dollars as the 11th most valued team in the world.

However, the vital fact is that PSG had zero major European trophies before the takeover. And nine years after the new owners, that number remains at zero.

That is what is tormenting clubs like PSG and Manchester City, clubs that have invested over a billion dollars into creating a new European Powerhouse, all to fall short of the ultimate club trophy there is, the Champions League trophy.

In the case of PSG, they have spent 1.5 billion dollars since their takeover and have the record for the two most expensive transfers of all time, all to bounce out of the Champions League year after year.

That would be like buying 99% of the lottery tickets in the world just to find out year after year that the billion-dollar winner lies in the 1% you did not purchase. PSG have spent all the money in the world to win everything but the trophy they coveted most. Well, that could all change with this Champions League final.

In 2014 it was an 87th-minute goal by Demba Ba that knocked PSG out.

In 2017 it was their now infamous shocking 6-1 second leg collapse to Barcelona after they blew a 4-goal lead cumulating in a last-minute goal.

In 2019 it was another shocking last-minute loss this time at the hands of a weak Manchester United Team.

With their 3-0 win in this year's Semi-finals, PSG finally have a chance to change their club's history.

If PSG were to win on Sunday night, it would throw the narrative of the soccer world into a massive tailspin.

1. As mentioned before, a PSG win would change the possibilities of what a wealthy owner can do with a club. They would become the second club ever (Chelsea) to have won a trophy like this solely by spending more money than anyone. A PSG win could mean we see more wealthy owners attempt a PSG style takeover in their attempt for glory.

2. 21-year-old Mbappé would have a legit case for the best player in the world. Now the question is, why would he ever leave PSG, not when will he leave PSG.

3. The French league could attract more star players and potentially start rivaling Serie A and the Spanish league.

4. The Neymar move now looks way different on a personal and team level. Considering the whole goal was to win a Champions League trophy, and Barcelona are now in a state of crisis, Neymar and PSG would have to agree their record 263 million dollar transfer is a success.

5. PSG could start attracting the best players in the world, not just second-tier superstars. Outside of Neymar and a teenage Mbappe, PSG has not signed the best players in the world. Truth is PSG is still a secondary option for the world's best players. Zlatan was 30 when he signed; Di Maria was coming off a failed move to Manchester. With this trophy, PSG can finally start attracting huge superstars (e.g., Pogba going back home would now look a lot more plausible).

6. PSG could potentially become the most valued sporting brand in the world if they win.

7. The club known for its extravagant party lifestyle could prove once and for all that success can be achieved even in the face of traditional distractions.

But then there's always a chance that Bayern, the more experienced team, will win their 6th Champions League trophy led by Ballon d'Or robbed Lewandowski, future Ballon d'Or winner Alphonso Davies, and Arsenal legend Serge Gnabry. It would be very anti-climactic, but I don't think Bayern could care less.

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