2018 CBB Rankings: Week Three


2018 CBB Rankings: Week Three

College basketball is back and with that comes a return of the Ric Flair ranking system. Our rankings are molded after Ric Flair's famous quote "to be the man, you gotta beat the man." The week's ranking are based solely on the week's results so if a lower ranked team defeats a higher ranked team, the two teams automatically swap rankings.

Gonzaga and Duke swap places after Gonzaga dropped Duke in a game that saw Duke's big three shoot a measly 39% from the field. We said last week that Duke would struggle if a team figured out how to slow their big three and even then Gonzaga only won by two points and could have lost the game. 

Kansas should be the best team in the AP polls with two impressive top 10 wins already this season, but Gonzaga's victory over Duke has been given more weight than it deserves. Gonzaga snuggled to a 6 point victory over unranked Arizona just two days before defeating Duke. 

Defending champions Villanova move back into the top 25 for both polls while Lipscomb join Texas, Creighton, Oklahoma State and Minnesota as the new additions to our top 25.

Tune in next week to see how our rankings shake up.