2019 NFL Awards Prediction


Today marks the return of the NFL Season and with that comes the most unpredictable season in recent years. Yesterday, we gave you a Super Bowl prediction and today we give you our individual awards predictions. 

Most Valuable Player

The NFL MVP might as well be renamed the best quarterback award with 11 of the last 12 winners playing the quarterback position including the last 6 in a row. Last year's winner was Patrick Mahomes but you can expect the Chiefs to take a more balanced approach to their offense as the season goes on and they avoid wear and tear on the likes of Travis Kelce and Tyreke Hill. Tom Brady is always up there but at age 42, expecting him to contend in the MVP race is unrealistic. Drew Brees has shown signs of decline whether we like to admit it or not an unfortunately last season seems like his best chance to secure the sole individual accomplishment that has evaded him all this time.

The NFL MVP Race lends itself to raw statistical achievements and the quarterback most primed for a superb year is . . . Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has a point to prove after missing the playoffs the last two seasons and a rejuvenated Rodgers under a new head coach and offensive scheme will win his third Regular Season MVP.

Offensive Player of The Year

Offensive player of the year should go to the guy that won the MVP if it is an offensive player. Splitting the award makes no real sense and by default Aaron Rodgers should also win this award.

Defensive Player of The Year

Last year I campaigned for Kahlil Mack to win the defensive player of the year trophy because his Bears defense finished first while Aaron Donald's Rams defense finished 20th. However, Donald had a huge lead in raw numbers, largely due to the injuries Mack dealt with through the season. This season a fully healthy Kahlil Mack will secure his second defensive player of the year trophy as he should have last season.

Coach of the Year

The Coach of the Year will be Freddie Kitchens of the Cleveland Browns. I fully expect the Browns to make the playoffs which will make Kitchens the man to lead the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. Kitchens is basically a shoe in for coach of the year if he is able to do the seemingly impossible and get the Browns back into the playoffs.

Comeback Player of the Year

Jimmy G is a shoe in for this one as long as he stays healthy throughout the season and avoids throwing 5 interceptions in a row. His only real competition maybe Josh Gordon of the New England Patriots but no one knows how that is ever going to turn out. The 49ers won't be a playoff team but Garoppolo should still do enough to get the award.

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Not much to argue about here, especially considering Kyler Murray is the only rookie quarterback expected to start from week 1. It won't be pretty for Murray and the Cardinals this season but then again it won't be pretty for any rookie quarterbacks in what might turn out to be the most underwhelming quarterback classes in recent years.

Defensive Rookie of the Year

This award will come down to Nick Bosa or Josh Allen. I go with Josh Allen on this one. Allen will be tasked with the tough task of helping the Jacksonville Jaguars return to their defensive greatness and there is no better rookie for the job. A former two star recruit, Josh Allen plays with a chip on his shoulder like no other and can be likened to the impact last year's DROY Darius Leonard had for the Colts. Allen won't be a first team all-pro like Leonard but he will be a big part in helping the Jaguars return to the heights of the 2017 season.

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