2019 NFL Power Rankings: Week 14


Here at the ICT Zone, our power rankings are based on a very simple philosophy. "To be the man you gotta beat the man", if a lower ranked team beats a higher ranked team, then the two teams automatically swap spots regardless of results from prior weeks. With that we move on to week 14 of the the NFL season.

Last week, the Browns were first and this week the Steelers took the spot back. However, the big change are the Cincinnati Bengals who jump all the way to second after their first win of the season. That goes to show you anything is possible, you too can make your dreams come true.

Meanwhile at the bottom are still the New York Giants. Joined by the Lions and another New York team in the Jets a few spots above. The Panthers fired Ron Rivera but he'll find another job soon enough, he is one of the best coaches in the NFL. If your team is bad, Ron Rivera may be the answer next season. 

1. Pittsburgh Steelers +16


Mike Tomlin needs more recognition.

2. Cincinnati Bengals +28


Huge celebrations deserved, no winless season for this team.

3. Baltimore Ravens


Super Bowl favorites?

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Bucs are somehow simultaneously better and worse than 5 and 7.

5. Tennessee Titans


Oooh two games above .500.

6. Seattle Seahawks


I don't care, the Seahawks are still not Super Bowl contenders.

7. Houston Texans +2


The Houston Texans are a better team than their first round playoff exit will tell you.

8. San Francisco 49ers


Still the best team in the NFL.

9. New England Patriots -2


The Patriots got exposed for the second time in four games.

10. Kansas City Chiefs


The hype has died down around Mahomes and the Chiefs and that is great news.

11. Miami Dolphins +13


The Dolphins have no business having 3 wins, shoutout to Fitzpatrick and Brian Flores.

12. New Orleans Saints


The Saints are set for another disappointing exit.

13. Los Angeles Rams


The Rams have a lot to prove next week against the Seahawks.

14. Minnesota Vikings


The Vikings are still a very dangerous playoff team.

15. Buffalo Bills


I don't care, the Bills are still an overrated team. 

16. Denver Broncos +3


Shoutout Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos.

17. Cleveland Browns -16


It may be time for a new head coach.

18. Green Bay Packers


Not sure what to make of the Packers yet.

19. Los Angeles Chargers -3


Phillip Rivers's time as an elite quarterback is over.

20. Washington +5


At least the team has 3 wins.

21. Dallas Cowboys


Jason Garett might have overstayed his welcome in Dallas by 9 years.

22. Arizona Cardinals


Not sure what the ceiling is for this team considering they are in the NFC West.

23. Indianapolis Colts


A disappointing season that started so promising despite the loss of Andrew Luck.

24. Philadelphia Eagles -13


Who gets fired? What about the roster? Tune in on the next episode of Super Bowl hangover.

25. Carolina Panthers -5


Firing Ron Rivera is a massive mistake.

26. Oakland Raiders


Gruden is still doing an underrated job with this roster.

27. Chicago Bears


The Bears may have wasted a legit Super Bowl window.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars


Gardner Minshew is back in the starting lineup, Nick Foles deserves better.

29. Atlanta Falcons


Wonder happens to the stars in the offseason.

30. New York Jets -28


The Jets are by far the most inconsistent team in the NFL.

31. Detroit Lions


This team needs an NBA style rebuild.

32. New York Giants


This is the worst team in the NFL.

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