Far Fetched Friday: Lamar Jackson 6,000 Yards


Welcome back to Far Fetched Friday, where every Friday we give you a bold prediction we think could come to fruition. This Friday, our bold prediction is that Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens will account for 6,000 yards this season.

The key to this prediction is Lamar Jackson's ability to account for a ton of yards on the ground and in the air. Last season, we saw Lamar Jackson's running ability but there were doubts as to wether he could throw the ball at a high level in the NFL, after all he never completed more than 59 percent of his passes in college and the last time we saw him in the AFC Wild Card, he completed just 14 of 29 passing attempts. This season has been the complete opposite.

Through two games, Jackson has a completion percentage of 72% and is currently on pace for 4,500+ passing yards on the year. Part of that can be attributed to the Ravens Front Office that added three new receivers to the roster including a first round pick on rookie sensation Marquise Brown, appropriately nicknamed "Hollywood". With Hollywood Brown's capability of out pacing any NFL defense, Jackson has had more success as a pocket passer while still maintaining what makes him so dangerous, his ability to run the ball.

In Week One, Jackson ran the ball just 3 times for 6 yards on the back of his 5 passing touchdowns. In Week Two he flipped the script and rushed the ball 16 times for 120 yards on route to becoming the first quarterback to ever throw for 250 yards and run for 120 yards in a regular season game (Colin Kaepernick did it in a playoff game back in 2013). At current pace, Jackson is projected to finish the season with 5,776 all purpose yards. 

I think he still has more to offer.

With increased success as a thrower, running lanes will continue to expand for Jackson which means more success as a runner. I fully expect Jackson to become the second quarterback to ever run for more than a thousand yards in a season while breaking Michael Vick's record of 1,039 rushing yards in a season where he only passed for two thousand yards. If Lamar is able to account for 80 yards on the ground each game then that will leave him at 1,280 rushing yards on the season. Right now Lamar Jackson is throwing for 298 yards a game and if that holds for the rest of the season then that equals 4,768 passing yards. 

That's how you get to a 6,000 yard season and Lamar Jackson could become the first man to ever do it.

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