Premier League Power Rankings


We decided to bring our ranking system to the English Premier League. Here at the ICT Zone our rankings are molded after Ric Flair's famous quote, "to be the man, you gotta beat the man." The week's ranking are based solely on the week's results so if a lower ranked team defeats a higher ranked team, the two teams automatically swap rankings.

For the Premier League the initial standings were decided by where each team finished in the table last year with the three newly promoted team occupying the bottom three spots based on where they finished in the Championship. From that point on the week by week results direct where each team resides. After 31 games, here are the rankings.

1. Arsenal

The North London club find themselves in first place in our rankings after defeating previous number 1, Manchester United a few weeks ago.

2. Cardiff City

Cardiff City find slot in at number two for us despite residing in the relegation zone of the actual premier league table.

3. Everton

Everton's victory over Chelsea on the weekend sees them rise to 3rd in our rankings.

4. Manchester City

Manchester City did not play a premier league game this last weekend so they had no chance to move up. 

5. Brighton

Brighton are 5th, 10 spots higher than the premier league table.

6. Manchester United

United were under a resurgence with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that saw them move to first but a defeat to Arsenal last time out in the league sees them drop to 6th.

7. Wolverhampton

A rare occurrence, Wolverhampton are 7th in the premier league and also 7th here. Lucky number 7. 

8. Liverpool

Liverpool find themselves all the way at 8th but will have plenty of opportunities to move up over the next month.

9. Newcastle

Newcastle are in great from and find themselves in the top half of our table.

10. Watford

Watford had the week off to play in the FA Cup and it payed off with a semi-final berth.

11. Bournemouth

Bournemouth tied Newcastle on the weekend, missing their chance to move up.

12. Southampton 

Southampton are 12th, a much better improvement to where they find themselves on the premier league table.

13. West Ham

West Ham have been solid all season.

14. Leicester City

Leicester City left Burnley with a victory thanks to a late winner from captain Morgan. As a result they swap spots with Burnley.

15. Burnley

Burnley drop down to 15th after losing to Leicester on the weekend.

16. Chelsea

Chelsea were at 3rd then they lost to 16th placed Everton and as a result swap spots. Symbolic of a very up and down season.

17. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace could have moved on to the semi-final of the FA Cup but it was not meant to be.

18. Tottenham

Tottenham have been outstanding bar the last three weeks and as a result find themselves at 18th.

19. Huddersfield

Huddersfield are at 19th, one spot higher than the actual premier league table. Not much of an improvement but each week offers a new opportunity.

20. Fulham

Fulham find themselves at 20th.

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