PSG Need to Let Mbappe Go


The Mbappe-PSG situation has reached a new low. After it seemed he committed his immediate future to the club, Mbappe turned around a few months later with a transfer demand claiming they broke promises. Whatever those broken promises may entail is not of my concern, nor should it be PSG's. What should be of concern is the impact Mbappe's perceived power has on the club.

Right now, PSG looks like a joke. They've spent all that money and have yet to win a champions league trophy, they have the infamous 6-1 comeback loss on their resume, and now they're the butt of jokes about how a 24-year-old player owns the club. Laughing stocks don't win trophies; serious teams do. It's how Real Madrid has won a flurry of champions league trophies in the last decade despite rarely being the best team in Europe. There is an air about Real Madrid that breathes greatness and expectation, a feeling that the club exists above all.

At PSG, the air reeks of entitlement, failure, and underperformance.

Culture is more important than anything else, and a culture that gives a player that much power will always fail. Think of it as addition by subtraction. By subtracting Mbappe from the equation, the club can move away from an era marked by egotistical stars who put themselves ahead of the team. It can welcome an era where no player feels they are larger than the team. Because right now, if things continue as they are, PSG will continue to be the laughingstock of the soccer community. Selling Mbappe is step one towards a new era of success.

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