2020-21 NFL Super Bowl Prediction


Before the last two NFL seasons, I benevolently gave you my super bowl predictions, and I have been correct. Well, sort-of. In 2018, I told you Rams-Jaguars would play in the super bowl. I was wrong on the Jaguars but right on the Rams. Last season, I gave you Chiefs-Rams for the super bowl. I was right on the Chiefs but wrong with the Jaguars. This year I'm going for the threepeat, but with both teams correct this time.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks will meet in Super Bowl 55.

For obvious reasons, the Kansas City Chiefs are super bowl favorites. After ending a 50-year drought, the Chiefs did something just as important. They brought back all of their vital pieces.

I'm not going to run down why one of the best offenses in NFL history, led by a soon to be 25-year old quarterback, is poised for another super bowl run. Or why a defense that finished 7th in the regular season but found a whole new level in the playoffs will anchor the Chiefs back to the playoffs.

Instead, I am going to talk about why the other AFC teams don't have a chance.

The AFC only boasts two real contenders in the Chiefs and Ravens. You could throw the Patriots in there out of respect for Cam Newton and Belichik, but only time will tell how this team will do starting a season without Tom Brady for the first time in 20 years. You could throw the Texans in the mix, and although they did right in resigning Deshaun Watson, Bill O'Brien seems to sometimes act against the best interest of the team, and that will cost them once again.

Then you have the Ravens and revolutionary quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Ravens rolled through the regular season last year, setting all kinds of records along the way. The issue is, with a full offseason to prepare for Lamar Jackson, the Ravens are in for a much tougher season. Add to that legitimate concerns about Lamar Jackson's postseason struggles, and you have a team that could fall short of expectations.

Now to the NFC, and the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFC this season is the weakest it has been in a long time, which is why I believe a super bowl berth will come out of the NFC West for the third straight season.

Starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team led by a quarterback I said would win the Super Bowl before Bill Belichick. I think the Buccaneers have an extremely talented roster but what we know about the NFL is that it is a league of continuity. The Buccaneers may have added too many big names in the offseason, meaning it will be difficult to blend them all-in come playoffs, especially with no preseason games.

You also have the New Orleans Saints. But Drew Brees is a year older, and that can't be good news for a quarterback who faded towards the end of last season. The 49ers could return but they may have the worst quarterback in their division.

For the Seahawks, last season was a mixed bag. They won 11 games but losing in the Divisional Round was a disappointing end to the season. They also struggled at home with four of their five losses coming at home.

However, this time around with key additions in the offseason, specifically Jamal Adams, the Seahawks should be one of the favorites ahead of the new season. This team will figure out how to win at home, and that means this team can easily see a minimum of 13 wins this season.

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll are as experienced as any duo out there, and that will serve them well this season.

Come Super Bowl time; it will be the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks. I believe the Chiefs come out on edge this one.

Chiefs 31-18 Seahawks

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