2019 NFL Power Rankings: Week 12


Here at the ICT Zone, our power rankings are based on a very simple philosophy. "To be the man you gotta beat the man", if a lower ranked team beats a higher ranked team, then the two teams automatically swap spots regardless of results from prior weeks. With that we move on to week four of the the NBA season.

Last week, the Steelers were first but after losing their head to head matchup with the Browns, they lose their top spot. Don't think the Browns will fulfill our preseason predictions but it is nice to see the team headed in the right direction. I promise that will be the last of the head puns. Elsewhere, Lamar Jackson pretty much cemented his case for the MVP but looks like he'll fall just short of our 6,000 yards prediction.

Next week we are promised two marquee matchups with the Patriots vs. Cowboys, and the 49ers versus Packers. Marcus Peters also gets to go back to Los Angeles with a chance of ending the Rams chances of making the playoffs. This week will be huge for the NFL.

The Chiefs, Vikings, Cardinals, and Chargers enjoy the bye week.

1. Cleveland Browns +16


No head puns as promised, the Browns really struck a blow in Pittsburgh's playoff chances.

2. Oakland Raiders


Gruden is doing a masterful job with an underwhelming roster.

3. Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens might be Super Bowl favorites.

4. Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons look like an elite team again too bad it came 12 weeks too late.

5. Tennessee Titans


The Titans will finish 8 and 8 to no ones surprise.

6. Seattle Seahawks


The Seahawks might lose their first round playoff game.

7. New England Patriots 


Patriots have a lot to answer for when they face the Cowboys this week.

8. Green Bay Packers


This week will be huge towards deciding the NFC Favorites.

9. Houston Texans


Deandre Hopkins has had an understatedly bad season.

10. Kansas City Chiefs +6


Patrick Mahomes was bad but the Chiefs won, that is goof news.

11. Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles are just an overrated team.

12. Carolina Panthers


Just when the Panthers thought they no longer needed Cam Newton.

13. Los Angeles Rams +14


The Rams need a lot of help.

14. Minnesota Vikings


Kirk Cousins for MVP? But really, he's looked elite last two months.

15. Denver Broncos


Most boring team in the NFL right now.

16. Los Angeles Chargers -6


Philip Rivers looks like a 37 year old QB and that's okay, Brady is the exception not the rule.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers -16


The Steelers grow more unlikeable with each week.

18. San Francisco 49ers


Concerning that this team almost lost to the Cardinals again.

19. Buffalo Bills +5


Nope, the Bills are not a good team.

20. New Orleans Saints +9


Drew Brees finally played up to the standards of Teddy Bridgewater.

21. Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys have a remarkable gift of dominating a game they will probably lose.

22. Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals are actually a decent team.

23. Indianapolis Colts +5


One final push for the playoffs coming right up.

24. Miami Dolphins -5


Hey, at least they're not last.

25. Detroit Lions


Well, this season is over.

26. New York Jets


The Jets are actually not that bad of a team.

27. Chicago Bears -14


Ohhhh da Bears.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars -5


Good to see Nick Foles back out there, and with an important message.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -9


The Buccaneers need a lot more than a new quarterback.

30. Cincinnati Bengals


A.J. Green, free him.

31. Washington


It is good to see Kirk Cousins making strides in improvement.

32. New York Giants


The Giants are still the worst team in New York.

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