2019 NFL Power Rankings: Week 18


Here at the ICT Zone, our power rankings are based on a very simple philosophy. "To be the man you gotta beat the man", if a lower ranked team beats a higher ranked team, then the two teams automatically swap spots regardless of results from prior weeks. With that we move on to the final ranking of the NFL season. 

At the start of the NFL season, the Miami Dolphins were at the bottom of our rankings and thanks to the volatile nature of our standards, the Dolphins close out the season at number one. Thanks to a playoff changing win over the Patriots, the Dolphins truly leave their mark on this NFL season. Elsewhere the Seahawks suffered a disappointing loss with home field advantage to play for but then again the Seahawks might not want to play at home in the playoffs given that 4 of their 5 losses have been at home.

This might be the first season in a while where there is no clear playoff favorite.

1. Miami Dolphins +16


Of course the Dolphins finish in first.

2. Los Angeles Rams +25


Well this season did not go as planned.

3. Baltimore Ravens


Clear favorites for the Super Bowl.

4. Tennessee Titans +12


Kudos to the Titans, we were wrong about the 8 and 8 season and the playoff opportunity.

5. Atlanta Falcons +3


Annoyingly strung together 7 wins.

6. Philadelphia Eagles


Very dangerous team with plenty of super bowl experience.

7. Kansas City Chiefs


12 wins and the defense is improving game by game.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3


33 touchdowns and 30 interceptions.

9. Denver Broncos


Andrew Lock may be the answer at quarterback.

10. New York Jets +1


Solid season given everything that went on.

11. Buffalo Bills -1


10 wins is an outstanding season given the quarterback had 9 interceptions and 14 fumbles.

12. New Orleans Saints


The Brees - Thomas connection is beyond elite.

13. San Francisco 49ers +12


The 49ers prove once again that they can win all types of games.

14. Green Bay Packers


Packers should be sneaky Superbowl favorites.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers


There should be no questions about Mike Tomlin's standing as an elite coach.

16. Houston Texans -12


Not a good season despite the 10 wins.

17. New England Patriots -16


Is this the natural end of the dynasty?

18. Chicago Bears +3


8 and 8 for a team that should have won at the very least 10 games, get Cam Newton.

19. Oakland Raiders


Gruden did a fantastic job with this roster.

20. Dallas Cowboys


What a disaster, and that's before even speaking on Dad Prescott's contract situation.

21. Minnesota Vikings -3


Great season for Kirk Cousins, 26 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

22. Cincinnati Bengals +10


The Bengals did well to put together two wins.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars +3


Not sure what happens in Jacksonville now.

24. New York Giants


Not sure what exactly this team needs to do moving forward.

25. Seattle Seahawks -12


4 and 4 at home . . . this is not a super bowl team.

26. Indianapolis Colts -3


The Colts and Jacoby Brissett did well.

27. Arizona Cardinals -25


Great first season for Kyler Murray.

28. Los Angeles Chargers


Philip Rivers needs to call it a day.

29. Carolina Panthers


Ownership set the franchise back by a decade, pre Cam Newton.

30. Washington


This franchise needs a complete makeover.

31. Detroit lions


Not sure what happens with Matt Stafford now.

32. Cleveland Browns -10


A lot of questions needs to be asked this off season, starting with Baker Mayfield.

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