2020 NFL Power Rankings Week 6


Here at the ICT Zone, our power rankings are based on a very simple philosophy. "To be the man you gotta beat the man", if a lower ranked team beats a higher ranked team, then the two teams automatically swap spots regardless of results from prior weeks.

Last week, the Kansas City Chiefs were our best team in the league but that changed with the loss to the Raiders. The Raiders move to first and are early candidates for surprising team of the season.

It was hard to see Dak Prescott go down like that, but if anyone can make a strong return, its him.

1. Las Vegas Raiders +7


Yeah, I need to apologize for my comments last week.

2. Baltimore Ravens


Ehh, this team doesn't feel that special.

3. Seattle Seahawks 


Russell Wilson is an anomaly, how can he be so corny, yet so dominant?

4. New England Patriots


Weird to see the Patriots at .500

5. Pittsburgh Steelers


Still undefeated I see.

6. New Orleans Saints


They might be winning now but it feels like a rebuild is imminent.

7. Tennessee Titans +3


Ryan Tannehill has never been as bad as advertised.

8. Kansas City Chiefs -7


Well there goes 16 and 0.

9. Green Bay Packers


Aaron Rodgers still has a point to prove.

10. Buffalo Bills -3


Some say Josh Norman is still flying across the turf in Tennessee.

11. Detroit Lions


They needed that break.

12. Cleveland Browns +1


Okay mhmm, so the Cleveland Browns are really good.

13. Indianapolis Colts -1


9 and 7, calling it now.

14. Carolina Panthers


Winning record and they get Christian McCaffrey back soon.

15. Los Angeles Rams


Don't be fooled by the record, they're just dominating the NFC East.

16. Miami Dolphins


Brian Flores is a really good coach.

17. Chicago Bears +6


Nick Foles is Lex Luther to Tom Brady's Superman.

18. Dallas Cowboys


This column is dedicated to Dak Prescott, his mental health, and his eventual return to greatness.

19. Washington


Good to see Alex Smith survive it all.

20. Philadelphia Eagles


This team is just good enough to hide how bad they really are.

21. Arizona Cardinals


Another week, another interception for Murray, making it 7 games out of the last 9.

22. Denver Broncos


They also needed a week off.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6


This team just really isn't that good.

24. Minnesota Vikings


To be fair, Cousins played relatively well this week.

25. Cincinnati Bengals


First real welcome to the NFL game for Burrow.

26. New York Jets


It's criminal to make them play all 16 games, at least Le'Veon got paid.

27. San Francisco 49ers


Mhmmm yeah, benching your Super Bowl quarterback is not a good look.

28. New York Giants


They actually looked like an NFL team at moments this week.

29. Los Angeles Chargers


Signing my official release form for the Justin Herbert bandwagon.

30. Atlanta Falcons


They'll get a win, only a matter of time.

31. Houston Texans


Deshaun got his money, so we can all feel good about that.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars


I always forget they played, every week.

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